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Treatment for Neck Pain in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge

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Dr. James Doran provides excellent treatment for neck pain in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge. Neck pain affects tens of millions of Americans. Hours of time spent leaning over computers and steering wheels creates enormous amounts of stress on the neck and upper back.  It should come as no surprise that it is one of the most common conditions we see in our office.

Common Causes of Neck Pain in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge

Neck pain can be result from many different activities. Work injuries, car accidents, and poor posture while on the phone or computer are typically the most common culprits. Whiplash injuries are also especially common and can often require specialized treatment to ensure proper healing and to avoid chronic pain and stiffness.

The most common physiological cause of neck pain is misalignment of the bones in the neck and upper back. These misalignments affect muscles, ligaments, tendons, or nerves. Years of sitting while in school or in the workplace can cause arthritis which is also a very common cause of neck pain.

Spinal misalignments in the neck are also common causes of pain, numbness, and tingling that radiates down the shoulders and occasionally into the arms and even hands. Shooting pain extending from the neck down the arm and into the hand and fingers is most often a sign of a pinched nerve in the neck. Pressure on the spinal nerves or spinal cord from disc injuries will also cause pain and weakness.

Treatment for Neck Pain in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge

In some cases, neck pain can be relieved with simple changes in lifestyle or workplace ergonomics. Poor posture is a major cause of neck pain and stiffness, as is sitting in one position for long periods of time. Improving your posture, using an ergonomic chair, and getting up to move around as often as possible throughout the workday can all help alleviate neck pain and stiffness. Using a cervical or orthopedic pillow while sleeping also helps prevent and manage neck pain. Orthopedic pillows are often prescribed by chiropractors because they provide support to the neck and upper back while sleeping. Chiropractors understand the importance proper support of the head and neck while sleeping.

If your neck pain is not responding to lifestyle or workplace changes, chiropractic adjustments are invaluable. Be sure to contact your Denver chiropractor or PCP for pain that starts after an injury and especially if you’ve been involved in a car accident.

Dr. James Doran will work with you to determine the cause of your pain and prescribe a personalized treatment plan that addresses the cause your specific injury.

Even mild episodes of neck and back pain can become more severe if not addressed right away. If you are experiencing pain or stiffness in your neck and need a doctor in Denver with decades of experience treating that exact type of injury, contact us today by calling (303) 424-7171, texting (833) 210-3525, or emailing info@ihrdenver.com. We offer free consultations and pride ourselves on our successes helping our patients live productive and pain-free lives.

Five Ways People in Denver Can Prevent Neck Pain

  1. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. This position stresses the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the neck.
  2. Use a cervical pillow to provide the roper support for your neck and upper back.
  3. Sit or lay in an ergonomic position whenever watching television or reading. Even these relaxed activities can cause neck and back pain if you remain in the wrong position too long.
  4. Take frequent breaks or change positions when working in one position (sitting or standing) for longer than 30 to 45 minutes at a time.
  5. Avoid overly heavy purses or bags with shoulder straps. Just 5 or more pounds can put unnecessary strain on the neck and upper back.

What Causes Recurring Neck Pain?

Recurring aches, pains, and stiffness in the neck or back are often signs of a more serious problem. In fact, repeated episodes of neck stiffness or soreness can indicate the beginnings of joint or disc degeneration (arthritis).

If you are experiencing any of these conditions and they are left untreated, they can become chronic conditions that may lead to permanent damage of the neck and upper spine.

  • Constant discomfort in the neck, face, ears, or scalp
  • Recurring arm or shoulder pain
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or fingers
  • Headache
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest pains
  • Dizziness

Is My Neck Pain a Serious Problem?

Often, the symptoms associated with your pain can tell us a lot about the real cause of the pain.

For instance:

  • Neck pain that worsens as the day goes on is often a sign of muscular strain, fatigue, or weakness.
  • Neck stiffness and pain that is worse in the morning and improves as the day goes on can be the result of arthritis.
  • Pain worsened with coughing, sneezing, or when “bearing down” while going to the bathroom can indicate disc involvement. This is a much more serious type of injury.
  • Dizziness, light-headedness, or pain that worsens when rotating or flexing and extending the neck is clear evidence of a neck problem.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, you have the symptoms of a serious neck problem. Call our office and schedule a consultation with a neck pain specialist before your symptoms progress and become a more serious problem.

The Biomechanical Causes of Neck Pain

There are 7 bones in the neck (aka cervical vertebrae) that provide support for the head and are very mobile to allow a wide range of motion. This includes forward flexion, backwards extension, and rotation. Because of this great amount of flexibility, the is easily injured.

Your neck is the vital passageway that allows your brain to communicate with the rest of your body via your spine, coordinating almost all bodily functions. Even minor injuries can easily cause damage to the supporting muscles, tendons, ligaments, and vertebrae in this area. If left untreated, this can cause major disruption to even the most basic of bodily functions. So, a simple injury left untreated can become a much more serious problem.

Neck pain can be serious. Before you get to the point of regular neck pain, spinal degeneration or worse, schedule a complimentary consultation with our Denver Chiropractor today to learn more about our non-invasive, non-surgical neck pain relief options!

Common Causes of Neck Pain

If you’re experiencing neck pain, you’re not alone. Neck pain is one of the most common spinal-related pains in the world. In fact, it’s estimated that approximately 7 out of every 10 people are troubled by neck pain at some point in their lives (HarvardHealth). And there is a multitude of causes that may be contributing to your neck pain. The most common causes of neck pain include:

  • Muscle tension
  • Poor posture
  • Nerve compression
  • Worn joints
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Degenerative disorders/diseases

The Three Most Effective Forms of Treatment for Neck Pain in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge

Chronic or recurring neck pain can negatively affect our home and work life as well as our work and personal relationships. Neck pain prevents us from going about our day as we normally would like. When the pain becomes too intense, you need to find a professional to find and treat the cause of your pain.

Your neck pain is as unique as you are. The structure of your spine, your personal history of injuries, hobbies, and types of work you perform all make your problem unique. Because of that, the right treatment plan for your needs may be very different than your neighbors. Our office provides many different types of treatment for neck pain. Because of their high success rate, these are the three most common therapies our office provides for neck pain and stiffness.

1. Laser Therapy

Treatment for Neck Pain in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge

LLLT, short for low-level laser therapy is also known as photobiomodulation (PBMT), cold laser therapy, low-intensity light therapy, and soft laser therapy. Studies have shown LLLT is an excellent therapy for pain relief, treating inflammation, and improving cell function in many different tissues.

The duration of LLT treatment depends on the tissue and injury being treated. In general, sessions treating neck pain last between 5 and 12 minutes. The total number of visits varies between 8 and 15. Your doctor will determine the total treatment duration but understand, some conditions can require several visits per week for several weeks. However, many people feel improvements beginning within just a few visits.

2. Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been practiced for centuries and has a long history of success with treating neck pain. Much like chiropractic, acupuncture improves the body’s ability to heal itself. The Traditional Chinese Medicine explanation as to how acupuncture works is that it restores the normal flow of energy (or Chi) throughout the body, allowing the patient to resolve their ache, pain, illness, or disease on their own.

The western or medical explanation is that the insertion of the acupuncture needles increases localized blood flow bringing in oxygen and nutrients to areas that are injured as well as reducing inflammation. Spasmed or tight muscles will also relax when acupuncture needles are inserted. Lastly, needles work on what is called the “Gate Theory” of pain control. This states that pain fibers are either “open” or “closed”, like a gate. Acupuncture needles can close these gates, preventing pain signals from being sent to the brain.

3. Chiropractic Adjustments

Both cutting-edge treatments like laser therapy and ancient treatments like acupuncture can provide effective relief from your spinal-related pain. However, chiropractic adjustments arguably provide the best results for people experiencing neck pain.

Dr. Doran will first identify your specific areas of spinal misalignment by taking a thorough history of your complaint and then performing an in-depth physical exam. From there, a personalized treatment plan will be created to addresses your specific injury. As your chiropractic care progresses and your condition improves, your progress will be monitored, and your treatment plan changed as needed.

Denver Chiropractor, Dr. James Doran, Combines These Treatments to Relieve Your Neck Pain

If you are struggling with chronic (or even a new bout) of neck pain, we can help you. Dr. Doran’s office offers a wide range of time-tested treatments and therapies that can provide you with long-lasting pain relief. Contact our office today to schedule FREE consultation to learn if we can help you.