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Relieve Your Headaches Without Drugs

It's more than feeling better, it's being healthier.

Relieve Your Headaches Without Drugs

Relieve your headaches without drugs

Relieve your headaches without drugs. Dr. Doran has helped hundreds of headache sufferers in Denver since 1999. Tension, migraine, chronic and cluster headaches are can be some of the most painful experiences a person can experience. While most headaches are not life-threatening, they can still be life changing.

How Common Are Headaches?

9 out of 10 Americans suffer from headaches and 1 out of 5 people that suffer from headaches have chronic, or recurrent, headaches. Chiropractic provides safe, drug free relief to people suffering from headaches.

Many headaches can simply be the result of daily stresses in of life. These are known as tension headaches and are the result of tense muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. Tension headaches can be extremely uncomfortable. Chiropractic adjustments help relieve muscle tightness which also provides relief from the headache. Dr. Doran can also provide advice for stretches and exercises that help reduce the tense muscles.

Relieve Your Headaches Without Drugs

Misalignments in the cervical spine can cause other types of headaches as well. Chiropractic adjustments provide headache relief without using dangerous drugs or painful injections. This makes chiropractic care the most common alternative treatments for headache sufferers in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge. Poor posture at your desk or while driving can also cause headaches. Fortunately, chiropractic helps correct these issues as well.

Most headache sufferers will notice decreased pain within just a few adjustments as muscle tightness is reduced which also relieves nerve pressure. Chiropractic adjustments, stretching, and exercises to correct muscular imbalances in the spine also help achieve amazing results. Dr. Doran may also use acupuncture or low level laser therapy to help resolve your headaches. Our goal is to relieve your headaches and help prevent them from occurring in the future.

Chiropractic adjustments can have a significant effect for people who suffer from headaches. Patients that experience headaches of any sort benefit from chiropractic treatment with their hands-on techniques and spinal manipulations. Our office painless, drug free headache treatment for patients in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge.

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