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Whiplash Treatment

It's more than feeling better, it's being healthier.

Denver whiplash treatment

Unfortunately, whiplash injuries occur in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge EVERY day. Choosing the wrong treatment, or worse yet, delaying treatment for injuries from a Denver car accident can cause permanent pain and may significantly delay your healing time. Dr. Doran has had over 20 years of experience treating Denver whiplash injuries. He will treat and document your injuries the correct way to ensure your chances of full recovery and help your attorney collect the best settlement they can for your injuries. As a Denver doctor that has treated whiplash and other serious accident injuries, we are the right choice for you and your loved ones after their car, truck, or motorcycle accident.

Denver Whiplash Specialist

Cases with similar injuries and amounts of vehicle damage can have much different outcomes. When you go to the doctor and which doctor you choose can make a huge difference. Many doctors lack the proper training in diagnosing and treating injuries resulting from car accidents and may dismiss or minimize your injuries. Other doctors may want to “wait and see” how your injuries do or they may simply just prescribe drugs that will simply mask your pain and in the case of opioids, potentially lead to dangerous addiction problems.

Physical Therapy

While physical therapy is an important part of treating whiplash injuries, it will not address all of the important components of car accident injuries. In Dr. Doran’s experience, combining Denver chiropractors, massage therapy, physical therapy, and acupuncture will provide the best results. Ultimately, your choice of treatment and the care your doctor recommends plays large part in the success of your chances of full recovery. For many people, choosing the wrong type of care or worse yet, no care at all, can lead to permanent pain and even disability.

Another problem with choosing a doctor that hasn’t been trained to treat whiplash is that it may affect your settlement. After an auto accident, your health is always the number one priority. However, with all soft tissue injuries, there is a chance of of your pain recurring occasionally. Soft tissue injuries (injuries to ligaments, tendons, capsule, and discs) do not have the ability to completely regenerate once they’ve been injured. Scar tissue WILL form which is less resilient, less pliable, weaker, and functions poorly when compared to healthy, uninjured tissue, leading to future problems.

Whiplash Settlement

This is why your settlement for bodily injury from the at-fault insurance company is important. You will need to pay for future treatment to address the inevitable “flare ups” of your injuries. Settlement amounts are determined by lots of factors, but a large part is the quality of notes that your doctors or therapists keep during all the different phases of your care.

It is the quality of documentation that will allow your Denver personal injury attorney to best represent you. This is when a Denver whiplash doctor truly helps by providing the best treatment and detailed, objective records that accurately document all the different aspects of your injury.

There are many details that go into good into great whiplash documentation, what is really important is:

  • How you were injured
  • The way you were injured
  • How your injuries affected your Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • What kind of care is expected in the future as well as future medical costs

Choose the Right Whiplash Doctor

All doctors want the best outcome for you, but it is important how that gets documented. Adequate records will show all insurance companies, all lawyers, and perhaps a jury what exactly occurred to you from the time of the accident till what the future may hold for such injuries sustained. Dr. James Doran, DC will take the time to carefully document every part of your situation and provide you the best available treatment. Contact us to make an appointment with our Denver whiplash specialist today.