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Month: November 2022

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How to prevent whiplash injuries

How to Prevent Whiplash Injuries

Learn how to prevent whiplash injuries. Research shows that most whiplash injuries in Denver occur from rear-end collisions. How to Prevent Whiplash Injuries Airbags and Seat Belts: Airbags and seat belts are fortunately no longer “optional” and have become standard equipment in every vehicle. While airbags and seat belts can result in injuries during an accident,…
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Denver woman looking for chiropractor to help headaches

Aetna Chiropractor Treats Headaches in Denver Without Drugs

Understand where your headaches come from and learn how one Aetna chiropractor treats headaches in Denver without drugs. Aetna Chiropractor Treats Headaches in Denver Without Drugs Regardless of how frequently (or infrequently) they occur, you don’t have to live with headaches. The International Headache Society found that headaches impact almost 40 percent of Americans. 45…
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Chiropractic treatment for bad posture

What’s the Best Way to Correct Your Posture?

What’s the best way to correct your posture? Attaining good posture takes effort. Long hours hunched over phones, tablets, and laptops can take a toll on our posture. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to fix your posture. Chiropractors take an overall, full-body approach to help with posture. They use chiropractic adjustments to correct spinal…
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Win a year of chiropractic care

Win a YEAR of Chiropractic Care!

Win a Year of Chiropractic Care Sweepstakes 2022 HOW TO ENTER STEP 1 Follow us on… Instagram – @ihrdenver or Facebook -@IntegrativeHealthandRehab STEP 2 Like the “Win a Year of Chiropractic Care” sweepstakes post on our official Instagram and / or Facebook page. STEP 3 Tag one friend and comment telling us how Integrative Health…
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Arnold Schwarzenegger likes chiropractors

Denver Chiropractor Makes You Stronger!

Chiropractic is known for relieving back pin, neck pain, and headaches. Did you know Denver chiropractor makes you stronger. A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology described how this happens. This study looked at chiropractic and how it acts as a performance enhancer for athletes of all skill levels. The study, titled…
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