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Month: September 2022

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Woman with whiplash injury in Denver, Colorado

How Do Whiplash Injuries Happen in Denver?

How Do Whiplash Injuries Happen in Denver? A “whiplash” injury occurs when there is a sudden acceleration of head and neck forcing the head back and then forward.  This “whips” the soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) of the neck and upper back. This sprains the ligaments and tendons of neck and upper back and…
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whiplash treatment near me

Whiplash Treatment Near Me

What Kind of Treatment do Whiplash Injuries Require? Whiplash is an injury to the neck and upper back that usually occurs from trauma like a rear-end car accident or even an unexpected “slip and fall”. Neck pain from a whiplash type injury is is one of the most common symptoms people notice after a car…
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